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Model & Talent Management, INC


Etiquette & Ethics

A.C.T. II absolutely needs our models to be dependable and have a great positive attitude.  Our no tolerance policy eliminates any model or talent that exhibits a poor attitude, poor work ethics or unprofessional actions such as constant tardiness or being a no show.

You appearance should reflect that you are representing our agency, the client and yourself.  A positive wholesome appearance is desired at all times such as no visible tattoos or body piercing.

For female models attractive, assignment appropriate makeup is expected.
For male models, a clean-cut image is desired.

Always ask if you are unsure.

Always tell your agent when you have changed hair styles or colors before an assignment.

The client reserves the right to discharge anyone they feel is not working in a professional manner or dose not have a professional appearance.  You need to have a positive attitude, be enthusiastic, energetic and communicate well with the client and the public.  The client and occasionally someone from our office will be evaluating all models for appearance and effectiveness.  Anyone not meeting a clients or our standards will be dismissed and paid only for hours they have worked.

On site managers, client management, the product management, models from our agency, models from other agencies and the general public are watching you.  It is very important you maintain a professional image at all times while working.  Rumors are easily started and will follow you and our agency, and are so long in being forgotten.

Models should remember that there are other models working with you on most jobs, and many of them are models who are also employees of our agency hired to report on the performance and appearance of fellow models.  Remember when talking amongst other models that the things you say about our agency and your representation could determine your future with the agency and the client.

Profanity and smoking are not allowed on any job.

All models will work the day and hours specified for the assignment.

Models will not leave with out the client or agency permission.

Talent may be asked to stay over their scheduled times. Ending hours are tentative based on circumstances that occur during an assignment.

Agency and models agree to keep confidential all propriety information concerning the assignment including rate of pay.  Talent should never ask a client about payment during a job.

After the event, agency/model will not directly contact the client or bypass the marketing company for future assignments.  If contacted by the client, the model should direct them to call the agency for further work.

Agency and models will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

Taking of client merchandise/materials without client approval is theft.  It will be grounds for the dismissal of the person from the assignment and the agency will no longer represent that person.  May result in prosecution.

The use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited during an assignment. Cigarettes should not be smoked at the client site while talent is working on any job.

The policies of the agency and Marketing/Advertising companies must be followed at all times.  Models or talent are not to discuss the terms of an assignment with anyone other than the agency including other models and talent.  While on assignment, all questions from outside sources such as media, the public, etc should be directed to the client.  Failure of the model to follow these guidelines may cause the agency to stop representing the model or talent.  Failure of the agency to insure that the terms of the contract are followed may lead to the agency losing the Marketing/Advertising Company as a source of work.

When you accept a job
You may turn down any job at the time we call you.  However, if you take the job we expect that you will go. Unless the model has become ill or has been injured.  Then you should call us right away or refer to late and absent policies.

The client is responsible for the assignment details such a work location, break times, duties, etc.  It is the models responsibility to make sure they know where they are going by using map tools internet, call site etc. Travel costs are the responsibility of the models unless specified as a paid item by the client and agent.  Where there is no free parking, submit a parking receipt to the agency for potential reimbursement by the client

What should you do if you will be late or absent?
Whenever you can not make an assignment, follow this procedure:
1. Immediately contact A.C.T. II.  Office hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, try calling the office 574-243-4060.  Try to give us 24hours for cancellation.  If you do not talk to someone at the office leave a message and call our emergency cell phone number 574-360-5372.

2. If it is the day of the event, immediately call the on-site contact person and explain the situation.

3. Follow up by sending us an e-mail so we have something for our files that explains the situation.

It is always up to the models to determine if road conditions make it impossible for them to complete an assignment.  Extreme road conditions are an emergency out of your control.  Please still follow steps 1 or 2 in such cases.

Always have the clients on-site contact number with you so you can call them if you have problems finding their on-site location.  Always have an agency time report with you unless instructed otherwise by agency get it filled out and signed by client.  Mail the completed form to the agency ASAP.

After the assignment call or send an e-mail to the agency with the client, dates and times worked.

You must be on time to avoid being penalized for being late through such thing as the loss of travel time, or a cut in wages.